Testimonials for Dr. Richard Henry and Chiropractic Natural Care Center

  • "Natural Care Center as been a blessing to my life. My Physique, health and lifestyle has never been so productive. Because of Natural Care advance techniques, I can walk outside with my shirt off and not be ashamed anymore."
  • "I really was in pain I turned to Dr. Henry and he worked a miracle and Gina made me feel at home very professional and caring first time I didnt really mind going to see a doctor!"
  • "I am 34 years of age with 5 children and I started to come to this chropractic building for at least a year now. I was in so much pain were it hurts to come out of the bed and to walk. But after seening dr. henry i feel great!!!!! no more aches and pains! The pro adjuster really works with the massages and treatments he gives I am living proof that natrual healing works!"
  • "I was involved in a car accident and had terrible back pain and Chiropractic Natural Care Center really helped me a lot. Thank you Dr. Henry and staff."
  • "I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the Chiropractic treatment I have been given here. You have given me my life back. When I first seek treament here in early April, I was under alot of pain, unable to have a good night sleep in several months, and could not move freely. I havereceived conventional medical treatment and therapy by 4 different Orthopedic doctors since September 2001. All without any results. The last physican that treated me, told me I was having "an anxiety attack" and recommended Prozac. I refused it and walked out of his office. I need ed to take control of my own health. I started to look for a better way. I found Chiropractic Natural Care Center and started to receive treaments, within a few weeks, I started to feel better, almost pain free. I was able to have a full nights sleep without medication. I am able now to move about a lot freely. All in a short time and without any drugs. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!"
  • "I love since the beginning. The staff are pretty positive and encourage you to feel better. I thank the Dr. Henry for his wonderful hands and all the stuff. The best of all is Gena. Charlene is an angel."
  • "At first I was a little skeptical about coming to the Chiropractor but i finally gave in to my cousin Sheila. and the experience has been great. Gina and extremely helpful and Dr. Henry is really caring."