Sports Injury

Lauderhill Chiropractor Focuses on Sports Injury Treatment to Achieve Healing and Improve Wellness

Lauderhill chiropractor Dr. Henry has professional experience treating athletes including multiple NFL players and Olympic athletes, who have entrusted their health and wellness to him over the past several years. His sports injury treatment provides beneficial results for athletes and patients who participate in an active lifestyle, who require effective and efficient care.

Sports Injury in Lauderhill

sports injury can occur as the result of an underlying musculoskeletal condition, a collision with another athlete, over-extending a joint or improper stretching or warm up prior to participating in an activity. Regardless of the cause of the injury, the result is often back pain, neck pain, inflammation, decreased range of motion, soreness or numbness in the extremities.

Instead of resorting to pain medications, we treat our patients using hands-on chiropractic care customized for each patient's health needs and goals. Treatments typically consist of manual manipulation of the spine and neck to alleviate pressure on the nerves and restore proper spacing to the discs and vertebrae.

Massage Therapy and Physical Therapy Part of Chiropractic Care for Shoulder Pain, Tennis Elbow and Other Sports Injuries 

In addition to chiropractic care, our office chiropractor also treats Lauderhill sports injury patients using other types of natural therapies. Both massage therapy and physical therapy are proven non-invasive ways of effectively treating sports injury patients. Massage, for example, is useful for kneading out knots that can develop in the muscles and cause neck and back pain. It is also helpful in removing built up tension and muscle stiffness following an injury.

Another common way of treating athletic injuries is using physical therapy, or controlled exercise movements designed to facilitate motion and reduce pain, swelling and inflammation. Because we believe in its benefits as much as we do the benefits of chiropractic medicine, we offer both treatment methods in conjunction with each other at our office. We specifically recommend physical therapy to patients suffering from shoulder pain or tennis elbow - each of which can limit motion. When untreated in our office and using home exercises, patients with shoulder pain and tennis elbow will see a decrease in symptoms as the body's tissues begin to repair themselves.

In addition to using chiropractic care and other therapies like ProAdjuster and laser therapy to treat existing injuries, our chiropractor longs to educate athletes in the Lauderhill community on ways to prevent future injuries. Most importantly, athletes should properly stretch both before and after participating in physical activity. Working out, training or competing on cold muscles is asking for injury. Furthermore, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle that consists of a nutritious diet, good sleep habits and of course, visits to our office for occasional adjustments.

If you are suffering from back pain or other symptoms you think are related to a sports injury, contact our office for a consultation today. We will work hard to help you make a fast recovery so you can resume your active lifestyle as soon as possible.