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Complementing Chiropractic Care for Optimal Wellness

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Massage therapy at our Lauderhill facility can be an integral part of healing therapy. Our chiropractor may recommend massage as a complement to regular spinal column adjustments for any patient dealing with pain, mobility issues, or who wants improved total wellness.

Massage helps to stretch the muscles, tendons and ligaments in the body, which is helpful in relieving pain of knotted muscles or seized up muscles. Regular massage can also be helpful in reducing inflammation in the muscles and stopping muscle spasms, which can make it much easier to regain full range of motion if a patient has been injured. Massage can also be used as a therapy for people who need to improve their energy levels or who need relaxation, since it can either stimulate or calm the nervous system.

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Massage Therapy Healing Techniques

Symptoms Associated with Car Accident Injury, Sports Injury

Our Lauderhill facility offers a range of massage therapy types, with the ultimate goal of caring for as many different groups of patients as possible. We provide massage therapy for car accident injury victims, sports injury sufferers, and for people who simply wish to achieve improved levels of whole body wellness. Our chiropractor will consult with the massage therapist to determine the correct type of massage needed for each patient. Some of the types of massage that we use as therapy include:

Deep Tissue Massage: This massage is targeted at relieving muscle tension and chronic pain. The massage therapist will focus on stroking in the opposite direction of the muscle grain. This is quite efficient at helping patients who suffer from chronic issues like back pain or neck pain. This type of massage is one of the more firm types of massage because it is focused on reaching the deeper muscle and tendons in an effort to achieve long term pain relief.

Swedish Massage: Swedish massage is the opposite of deep tissue massage in that the therapist will stroke following in the same direction as the muscle grain goes, rather than the opposite direction. This type of massage is performed with a softer touch and is generally best for people who are looking for relaxation or general wellness massage.

Neuromuscular Massage: Neuromuscular massage, also called "Trigger Point" massage, is focused on reaching the trigger points of muscles. In some cases pain could spread through an entire muscle, moving from the trigger point to other areas. The massage therapist will use smooth massage strokes to seek out the trigger points, and then when the trigger point is discovered the therapist will apply pressure to this area for up to 30 seconds continuously. This process of pressure and release will continue until all the pain has been released from the muscle. This type of massage can be very effective for people with back pain and neck pain resulting from car accident injury or sports injury.

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